Economic impact of trichomoniasis on reproductive health: A worldwide concern for bovine veterinarians and their clients

Bovine trichomonosis (BT) is a sexually transmitted disease that is prevalent in extensive beef production systems where natural breeding is widely practiced. Effective control of BT has been achieved in many areas of Europe, but the disease is still reported sporadically. In recent years, the Spanish beef cattle population managed in extensive outdoor grazing systems […]

A vaccine formulation combining rhoptry proteins NcROP40 and NcROP2 improves pup survival in a pregnant mouse model of neosporosis

PASTOR-FERNÁNDEZ, I., ARRANZ-SOLÍS, D., REGIDOR-CERRILLO, J., ÁLVAREZ-GARCÍA, G.,HEMPHILL, A., GARCÍA-CULEBRAS, A., CUEVAS-MARTÍN, C., ORTEGA-MORA, L.M. VETERINARY PARASITOLOGY. 2015, 207 (3-4): 203-215. Currently there are no effective vaccines for the control of bovine neosporosis. During the last years several subunit vaccines based on immunodominant antigens and other proteins involved in adhesion, invasion and intracellular proliferation of […]


√ Somos laboratorio colaborador del Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente. √ SALUVET ha realizado la validación del diagnóstico de estas enfermedades. √ Somos asesores en programas de control de CC.AA., Asociaciones y Ganaderías independientes. √ Suministramos todo el material para el muestreo en el toro y hacemos diagnóstico de Campylobacter fetus venerealis y Tritrichomonas foetus. Desde este momento es posible adquirir: • Raspador […]

Experimental ruminant models for bovine neosporosis: what is known and what is needed.

BENAVIDES, J., COLLANTES FERNÁNDEZ, E., FERRE, I., PÉREZ, V., CAMPERO, C., MOTA, R., INNES, E., ORTEGA MORA, L.M. PARASITOLOGY. 2014, 141: 1471-1488 At present, bovine neosporosis is an important worldwide concern because of its wide geographic distribution and economic impact. Abortion is the main clinical sign of bovine neosporosis in both dairy and beef cattle. […]

Control options for Neospora caninum – is there anything new or are we going backwards?

REICHEL, MICHAEL P., McALLISTER, MILTON M., POMROY, WILLIAM E., CAMPERO, CARLOS, ORTEGA MORA, L.M., ELLIS, JHON T. PARASITOLOGY. 2014. 141: 1455-1470. Recent work has highlighted and enumerated the economic annual losses due to Neospora caninum abortions worldwide, which should provide strong motivation for the control of bovine neosporosis. However, with the recent withdrawal from sale […]